Mywork within the Internet Industry stretches back as far as 1999 and has seen me work with companies as diverse as the Vehicle Certification Agency and Big Brother 2. I am a multi skilled online project manager who is passionate about digital marketing, social media and web 2.0. With such project highlights as the web development for the award winning Urban Planters, the Vehicle Certification Agency, Plantabox and GrowMyCharity.com to name but a few.

I run Digital Marketing Agency Gleave Media Ltd which offers a comprehensive service to clients looking to make dramatic improvements in how they are seen online. This maybe by a new website or Digital Marketing to enhance your brand and to bring new visitors to your website. I also am asked to talk to numerous businesses, groups and charity’s on Social Media and Digital Marketing.

“Alistair's presentation gave us a great overview of Social Media and how to use them to our best advantage, his presentation style is engaging and we all took away valuable ideas and actions from the session .”

Chair of ACT Travel Wise SouthWest

So how does the service I offer work and why should you use me?

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    My service begins with a free no obligation chat and review of what you are looking to accomplish and why, seeing what your budgets and aspirations are both for the website and the promoting and online marketing of it when it is built. This initial meeting is free, I am based in Exeter so if geography plays a part then we can always use Skype.

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    This sees a full digital specification created that uses all my experience of web development and your knowledge of your business. This ensures that we are all working of the same digital plan moving forward and of course this will be agreed and signed off with you.

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    As touched on already, the full development service is my speciality. As your retained consultant, carrying out full due diligence and negotiating the best possible terms for YOU is my primary interest.

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    This sees your business getting a digital presence that is delivered on time, within budget and exceeding your expectation, removing all the pain and hassle from dealing with technology company’s covering stuff you may not understand or being sold stuff you just dont need or even simply have time to deal with – I remove the hassle, manage the trouble and deliver what you want.

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    It may well be that additional services are needed, this could be anything from Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing or even just training, whatever it I can help your business reach the heights it should.







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