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The Post Office Public flotation #RoyalMail

It seems that after a great deal of political muddling and indifference that the Royal Mail will be floated on the stock market later this year for around £2.5billion, alot of commentators have questioned the low price, seemingly as a country we currently need the money!

For me the question is whether we should even be selling off this public service that everyone benefits from, sure the government will keep a stake and probably create some controls on price and service but when it moves from serving the public to serving the stock market will its priorities change?

Clearly the letter business that once was massive is now decreasing year on year, we all send email or texts these days, the business seems to be one of parcels and ecommerce delivering so even though letter delivery is dying surely we want to retain a service that can thrive in this ecommerce enabled country we live in don’t we?


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