FULL NAME:Alistair Gleave
HOBBIES:Running and Swimming
CURRENTLY LIVING IN:Glorious South Devon, UK

My work within the Internet Industry stretches back as far as 1999 and has seen me work with companies as diverse as the Vehicle Certification Agency and Big Brother 2, within that time I have worked within two web agencies and increased revenue considerably for both driving the respective customer bases forward and supporting a diverse client base develop their business. I am a multi skilled online project manager who is passionate about digital marketing, social media and web 2.0. With such project highlights as the web development for the award winning Urban Planters, the Vehicle Certification Agency, Plantabox and GrowMyCharity.com to name but a few. I love to travel and am an avid contributor to Trip Advisor amongst others, my favourite city has to be New York but the more I am discovering in London it runs very close.

Notable client success include Urban Planters winning franchise website of the year at the 2007 National Franchise Marketing Awards, and partaking in the web launch of Big Brother 2 as well as one of my ecommerce sites taking £1million in revenue within 2 years.

Since 2011 I have run my own Digital Marketing Agency Gleave Media which offers a comprehensive service to clients looking to make dramatic improvements in how they are seen online. This may be by a new website or SEO or creative use of Social Media to enhance your brand and to bring new visitors to your website.


Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.

Favorite Quote